Sweeney's training programs generally consist of half- or full-day workshops that apply key behaviors and skills  from improvisational theatre to our client's message, theme, and audience. Sweeney and team take a consultative approach to all training workshops. Clients are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire and participate in several interviews prior to the actual training so that each workshop addresses the goals and needs of the specific group. In general, training workshops include these structural components:

  • Introduction to the 8 Secrets. Sweeney cites business case studies drawn from his own experience training and presenting to more than 100 groups each year. He also establishes a common language and a set of behavioral norms for the workshop. And, as only Sweeney can do, he humorously sets the tone for enthusiastic collaboration and participation.
  • Interactive group exercises. Led by Sweeney and his team, interactive exercises reinforce relevant messages and actively engage the group in the process of learning. As part of this process, Sweeney facilitates participant discussion to connect the interactive exercises to the broader business issues at hand.
  • Interludes of improvisation and/or scripted material. Performed by our actor/trainers throughout the training workshop, these brief interludes of comedy demonstrate the specific skills behind the 8 Secrets and keep the training atmosphere light-hearted and energized.
  • High-octane brainstorming session. If so desired, Sweeney can introduce the group to the BNW Creative Funnel Process and lead a brainstorming session with the Ceridian team. During the session, a CO team member often takes notes, projecting them on a large screen to help spark additional ideas. We find that our clients appreciate having these lists for their practical use during and after the training session to serve as a proud reminder of how prolifically innovative the group can be in generating more and better ideas.

Training topics are specific to our clients but some recent, and not uncommon, client benefits have included:

  • Heightened group trust and confidence in each other through change
  • A new vocabulary and point of view to help leaders and groups evaluate their own communication behaviors
  • A common goal and shared commitment to fostering innovation on an ongoing basis
  • Specific exercises for leaders or groups to use in order to practice and reinforce workshop points
  • Tools for actively nurturing a positive, “Yes, And” culture
  • A benchmark experience to guide future discussions and decisions
  • A renewed sense of passion for developing personal and team creativity, productivity, and innovation Website video player specific to a single video embed